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Strategic Lean Digital Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions
From SEO to social media management.
Digital Design Solutions
From logo and website to packaging design.

Strategic Lean Digital Partner

iLean Limited places great importance on your ability to grow your business effectively. Therefore, addition to packaged solutions applied to everyone, we develop customized solutions for you.

When you come to iLean Limited, we analyse in detail about your needs to develop your business in digital environment, and we offer you tailored advertising and marketing solutions. In this way, you spend your cash, labor and time in the right direction. Our digital team, who operate in the fields of digital marketing, advertising and promotion, has all the services you need to grow your business.

Corporate Identity Design

The process of creating a new brand requires good research, a detailed preliminary analysis study, a different perspective and a design ability that can make a difference. At iLean, we develop new brand ideas, prepare slogans, concepts, strategic concepts and create your corporate identity standards and design your corporate identity materials such as emblem, logo design, business card, letterhead, envelope, invoice.

Graphics Design

iLean basically serves for digital marketing solutions. However, it is necessary to evaluate traditional promotional materials as a whole with digital channels. You can get peace of mind from iLean about your company’s magazine and newspaper ads, brochures, flyers, catalog designs, book cover designs, boxes, packaging, file designs, calendar, calendar designs and outdoor advertisements and vehicle visuals.

Website and Digital Design

The indispensable need of digital marketing is to have a good website. A good website is a site that can be easily accessed from any environment, from desktop computers to mobile phones, without waiting, loading quickly, without tiring its visitors, allowing them to easily access the products and services they are looking for. iLean prepares the web solutions you need with the appropriate budgets, realizes them and gives you the first user training that will enable you to perform basic updates on your own.

Promotions and Presentations

It is very important to leave your company’s corporate presentation to a team that is professional in design, in order to show your corporate stance towards your customers. However, it is important to note that the presentations you use in your company’s internal communication as well as outside meetings, organizations and launches are also impressive. As iLean, we serve at every point of your presentation preparations, from the content creation stage to the design and presentation stages.

Digital Advertising Management

We prepare and manage your ads on your behalf at every point from the purchase of digital ads you need to manage your company’s marketing goals and reach new potential customers. Leave your ad management to us on Google Search, Google Display Network, Youtube, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all other digital channels you need. Be profitable with effective advertising management.

Website and SEO Management

You can leave the periodic maintenance and technical updates of your website to us with peace of mind. You don’t need to hire additional staff for your campaign and product promotions, content development and text update needs. Leave your website management to us, relax. Do not worry about the analysis and action plans that will make your website go up in organic searches and leave the job to the expert. Our everyday is intertwined with ever-changing search engine algorithms. If you do not plan to hire a separate employee for this in your company, iLean will provide you with the SEO service you need.

Social Media Management

Social media is now a valuable part of digital channels. It is very important for your company to have a balanced and properly managed social media communication to promote your brand. Having too much and unnecessary communication as well as not being on social media can cause negative results. Instead of investing in a separate human resource for the management of your social media accounts, iLean can effectively manage your accounts on your behalf.

Google Analytics; Analysis and Reporting

Regular reporting and analysis lie at the heart of an effective digital marketing management. It is very important that you periodically analyze the interest levels, demographic features, habits and usage habits of the visitors of your website and reshape your action plans when necessary in line with these analyzes. With this service of iLean, we prepare the periodic analysis and reporting you need and offer you our suggestions that can increase the demand and conversion rates of your products over real data.

Meet iLean Today

If you need expert support for your company’s advertising and marketing activities, we invite you to meet iLean. We will come together with you to inform you about the services offered by iLean, and develop digital marketing solutions tailored for you by listening to your business and needs.