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20+ years experience and 10 years as a company, we are well experienced in Strategic Lean Operations. Our facilitators are not only consultants, they have many years of hands on experience in SMEs and/or blue-chip companies as managers, directors and lean facilitators. We believe doing is more important than telling. That’s why we do more than we tell and we work hands on more than we watch. We prefer running a project instead of giving just a training session. iLean Limited is all about delivering results. Our mission is getting involved in sourcing, distributing and manufacturing goods and services for creating Lean Supply Chains. Therefore we also created other divisions to help companies in different areas.

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Our Other Divisions

Award Winning Solutions

Implementations with our facilitation received numerous awards in the UK including;

Best Business Transformation Award
Innovative Working Practices Award
Manufacturer of the Year Award
Leadership Award and some more

Flexible Solutions

We believe the flexibility for your operations and for your customers is the key for creating customer satisfaction. That is why we are offering full flexibility to our customers. We can deliver our services to you during weekends, nights, at your location or any location you wish. Also if you require, we can arrange facilities to deliver business or training solutions. All you need to do is ask.

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Solutions for All Sectors

Lean Operations are suitable for any sector involving a process of doing anything. A process can be answering calls, sending letters, selling goods in retail, looking after patients, aranging holidays or making widgets. So, it doesn’t matter which sector you are in, there is always a solution with lean operations. Only difference is the implementation. Results are always the same; customer satisfaction, more sales, more profits.

Lower Operating Costs
Increased Margins
Lower Inventories
Shorter Lead Times
Effective Teams

Interdependent Teams
Quicker Design Process
Recognised Working Practices
Developing People
Effective Use of Space

Better Customer Focus
Happier Involved Employees
Agile Operations
Flexible Business
Changing Culture

Business Strategy

Total Lean Implementation

Lean Road Map

Value Stream Mapping

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Kaizen Blitz

Pull Systems



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Market Research

Lead Generation

Construction Market Entry

Export Strategy

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Our Mission

We are devoted to delivering customer satisfaction through establishing Lean Supply Chains by getting involved in sourcing, distributing and manufacturing goods and services and by offering training and consultancy for our customers, their suppliers and their customers.

Our Values

Honesty, Resilience, Trust, Diligence.

Our Vision

In Satisfaction, We Trust.

To become a global Strategic Lean Solutions Partner to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction for all industry sectors through consulting on businesses, sourcing, distributing, manufacturing goods and services.

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