Semper ad Meliora



About Us

20+ Years of Experience and 10+ Years as a Company, you are in capable hands.

After working as professionals in different industries and in different roles for 20 years, we have seen the gap between the real strategies and lip service for customer satisfaction. Back in 2010 we have formed our company InSatis Limited with the motto “In Satisfaction, We Trust” to help companies to deliver what really matters for all businesses: Customer Satisfaction.

In 2019 we changed our name to iLean Limited. We had the name and the domain names since 2005 and we felt it was the time to align our name with our vision. Wording of our motto changed to "Semper Ad Meliora", but the main meaning stayed the same, always onward to better things with Lean Operations and continuous improvements for better customer satisfaction.

Strategic Lean Operations is the shortest way for creating customer satisfaction. We are Lean Supply Chain professionals and we know a real Lean Supply Chain is the only cost-effective way to deliver repeatable, sustainable customer satisfaction. That would lead our customers to get sustainable, profitable growth.

Our facilitators are not only consultants, they actually worked many years in SMEs and/or blue-chip companies as managers and lean facilitators. We have hands on experience in most departments of businesses from different industries in different locations all around the world. When we look at any projects we do have the capability to understand its effects in other parts of the business.

You are in safe hands with our 20+ years experience as professional managers and 10 years as a limited company. Let us help you.

Semper ad Meliora

Always improving for better with our core values; Honesty, Resilience, Trust, Diligence, Flexibility.

Our Mission
Our Mission

We are devoted to delivering customer satisfaction through establishing Sustainable Lean Supply Chains by getting involved in sourcing, distributing and manufacturing goods and services and by offering advice, training and consultancy to our customers, their customers and their supply chain.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Semper ad Meliora... To become global Strategic Lean Solutions Partner to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction for all industry sectors through consulting on businesses, sourcing, distributing, manufacturing goods and services with our core values; Honesty, Resilience, Trust, Diligence, Flexibility.

Meet iLean Today

If you need expert support for your company’s ambitions and technological support to get there, we invite you to contact us. We can develop technological lean solutions tailored for you by listening to you, your ambitions and your potential needs. You can reach us by sending us an email.